“Loved it! Jim is so inspiring as to the world of real estate, property management & entrepreneurship. Highly recommended.”

Yvonne A.

“Thank you for such a wonderful class! The interpersonal style left great opportunity to disicuss and dig deep.into topics or any subject we seem to need it for. The teaching styles and first-hand knowledge. Susan has made for an excellent way to grasp things we are going to need to know.”

Ashley K.

“Great course! Fun while learning. Never dreaded coming! Lots of useful, helpful information.”

Diane K.

“The clases were very eash to access. I love the flexiblel schedule. I’ll be spreading the word about Barry’s School of Real Estate.”

Ashlie R.

“Well, I had FUN. I learned a lot! The lessons were set up in such a way that for the week you had time to absorb the material needed. The teachers, Jim and Susan Barry, were Great! If you did not understand something, they would explain it again and also they were just a phone call or an e-mail away. They offer plenty of extra help for those that need or want it.”

Lou B.

“I researched several options for obtaining my Salesperson License. The Barry School of Real Estate was the preeminent choice based on flexibility, cost, and course instruction. The 40 hours of accredited education provided the preparation I needed for the state and federal exams. Jim is a tremendous instructor making himself always available to students both in and out of the classroom. He has been working in some real estate capacity for over 30 years, and frequently calls upon this experience to relate the course material to actual events and situations; an invaluable asset to any classroom. Needless to say, when it came time to obtain my Real Estate Brokers License there was no question where to go, The Barry School of Real Estate!”

Locke H.

“I enjoyed your course very much. I found it informative and entertaining. I would highly recommend your course to others.”

Mitch L.

“I attended the Barry Real Estate course, and found it very informative and well conducted. I would definitely recommend their school to anyone interested in real estate. I felt Jim Barry went out of his way to be sure that we were prepared for the real estate exam. He always made himself accessible if we had questions or needed any one on one help.”

Debbie M.

“The course was full of informative material. The instructors were open to questions to further understand the topic of discussion. They made themselves available beyond the regular schedule. The instructors made you feel really comfortable. This course is the best deal in town, possibly New Hampshire, because you are given a guarantee to retake the course if you do not pass.”

Jesus G.

“The class was fun, very informative, and flexible. You can sit in on any of their classes. The instructors are very knowledgeable and more than willing to go the extra mile to make sure you understand the material, I had a great time and I learned a lot.”

Lori W.

“Barry School of Real Estate offers the most flexible schedule available for completing the forty hours required by the NH Real Estate Commission for salesperson licensing. They also offer several textbooks to support your learning and prepare you for the examination. The classroom atmosphere is casual and sometimes even entertaining. Jim and Susan have a vast array of real estate experiences to share with their students. Your success is important to them, as they will welcome you to repeat any of their classes, if you need to or simply want to.”

Monica S.

“The Best Bang for your Buck! The class price is very affordable and having four hour blocks of morning and night classes, five days a week, made it very convenient to work with my busy schedule. You can’t beat the knowledge and insight of having two experienced teachers, Jim and Sue Barry. They help you learn the real estate industry inside and out. Combine that with their personal experience in property management and real estate investing, you are provided with an ultimate real estate education. Classes wee so enjoyable. I’ll most definitely come back for a visit.”

Matthew H.

“I am so grateful for Jim and Susan. I can’t believe I’m already on my tenth class. I’ve had such a good time in class learning. Susan’s acronyms, Jim’s heartfelt/genuine stories and tips from the books, classmates and recent graduates that stop by to help us understand the test and real state in general. Thank you so much for helping me get that much closer to my goals for my life. Chase and I LOVE Barry School of Real Estate.”

Savannah B.

“I had all of my classes with Jim and was fortunate enough to have several of those classes with Jane in attendance. Jim has a call it like he sees it manor about him, that is something I greatly respect about him, and it kept me coming to his classses. His life experiences were great to hear and helped with making the material stick. I took my exam today and passed first shot in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Clearly his teaching and the materials the school offers are great. I highly recommend this school for the knowledge they have, the material they offer for study, and the flexibility of the schedule.”

Laurette P.

“After A LOT of studying I got it done in one sweep! The flexible schedule makes these classes much easier to attend, LISTEN to Jim’s stories…..some of them wont let you forget what you learned when it comes to test taking time. Thank you both!”

Chellsey L.

“I passed both the national and state portions of the test on the first try and I know it is all thanks to the support I received from this school. The flexibility fit my lifestyle with a growing family, the study materials were top notch, and Susan and Jim went above and beyond in helping me understand world of real estate and pick an agency to work when I received my license. My advice to all new candidates… invest in the books and spend the time asking questions. Jim and Susan are amazing mentors.

Megan O.

“Thank you Susan and Jim! I passed the Broker exam my first try! The classes and tools you provided were helpful to reach the objective to pass the test the first time. Thank you for helping me obtain my #1 goal for 2017 and on my way to becoming an associate broker. “

Joanne T.

“The small class size is like going to a private school. We got lots of attention. I had to leave NH for 4 weeks while attending class and was told I was welcome to make those classes up in the next session. Love the flexibility. Susan’s primary concern was me and making certain I got what I needed. I highly recommend the course. Susan is a professional and very dedicated.”

Jackie R.