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  • Our licensing school’s core purpose is to give the student all the tools necessary to pass the Real Estate exams. We care about our students and go the extra mile for them.
  • Of primary importance to us is to encourage, facilitate, and recognize the highest standards of professionalism in the practice of real estate.
  • We are recognized as the ultimate expert and source of information about real estate-related issues and topics.


About Us

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What you get from the program at Barry School of Real Estate our schools’ specials – just for you!

SOCIAL NETWORKING – Social Hour with great networking. We offer various social functions. IE wine and cheese. Appetizers and drinks, lunch and learn….

LEARN NETWORKING – Created exclusively for our Real Estate School by one of our dear students to help all our students study and pass the exam. Extensive on-line study programs including FLASH CARDS, DEFINITIONS, GAMES using Real Estate terminology, AUDIO LESSONS, and much more…

RESOURCE MATERIALS – We offer 3 Real Estate books that we use in class. Allowing you more information for study and they are great resource material once you have your license.

LEARN TO MAKE MONEY IN REAL ESTATE –  Sales is just the beginning! There is investing, passive income from referrals and recruiting as well! Let us show you how. Enter the mystifying world of real estate.

James Barry holds the designation of Certified Property Manager. Jim started out owning his own construction company at the age of 16. He was used to long hours and hard work. While attending college, Jim worked the graveyard shift on the Mass Pike. In 1970, Jim went to work for RM Bradley in Boston as a Property Manager, where he managed many apartment buildings throughout the city.

Eventually, Jim went to work for a large insurance company that had acquisitions throughout the US. Jim found himself managing 55,000 units in 48 of the United States. In addition, Jim found himself in charge of 60 shopping centers, many apartment complexes, a number of office buildings, country clubs and mobile home parks.

Jim went from Property Manager to Regional Manger, where he supervised PM’s. He was dynamic with his excellent communication skills and ability to delegate, motivate and accomplish objectives through the efforts of subordinates. Jim moved from Regional Manager, to Asset Manager. His job was working with the investment and financial planning aspects of the entire portfolio of the company.

Having worked his way to the top, Jim was an Executive Manager responsible for the entire real estate portfolio representing billions of dollars in assets. His responsibilities included supervision of property supervisors, accounting divisions, and maintenance departments.

Jim has supervised numerous property managers and has managed multi-billion-dollar portfolios. Jim’s specialty became taking distressed properties, and turning the project around so it soon began making huge amounts of capital.

Jim has taught at colleges and universities in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. He is the founder of The Barry School of Real Estate based out of Concord, New Hampshire.

Today Jim does property management consultation for industries and individuals in the United States.

Real Estate Broker since 1962.

Purchased individual multi-million dollar properties for and from some of the biggest companies in America.

When the time was right, I sold multi-million dollar properties.

Acquisition Overview. Pursued strategic growth opportunities and acquired Community Centered Properties in key markets characterized by dense population and culturally diverse neighborhoods.

Acquisitions Strategy. An acquisition pipeline was put into place, and worked on accretive acquisitions. We have had extensive relationships with community banks, attorneys, title companies, and others in the real estate industry with whom we regularly worked to identify properties for potential acquisition.

We continued to pursue geographical diversification in growth markets where we had knowledge and experience to offset economic risk from single market concentration. We sought to build critical mass in Phoenix, Dallas, NYC, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Memphis, Miami, Seattle, Albuquerque, Wyoming, Montana, San Antonio, Portland, San Francisco, Anchorage, San Francisco, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Kansas City, Boston, Tampa, etc. where we own properties, so that we can leverage our in-house management and leasing operations, consolidating expenses and maximizing value. Entered into creative deal structures, including joint ventures and we were ourselves REIT’S and Syndications.

We acquired distressed assets directly from owners or financial institutions holding foreclosed real estate and debt instruments that are either in default or on bank watch lists. Many of these assets benefited from our corporate strategy and our management team’s experience in turning around distressed properties, portfolios and companies:

REO-Real Estate Owned. Bank or financial institution-owned commercial real estate that has been foreclosed and held in inventory.

Distressed Assets. Non-performing commercial real estate assets whose maturity has passed, and faces a high probability that it cannot be refinanced. These may include individual properties held by operators or individual owners, or may be part of a larger portfolio.

Distressed Notes. Banks or financial institutions actively seeking to sell notes for non-performing commercial real estate assets. Our REIT purchased these notes from the bank and negotiated with secondary equity holders.

Susan Barry holds degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology and Russell Sage. Her dual major was in Marketing and Management. Susan also attended Framingham State and Bentley Colleges. Susan is accredited as the first woman in the United States to work with Farmer’s Home Administration in building a multi unit complex consisting of townhouses and flats. Susan worked with all aspects of the development of the project.

Real estate has always been a great interest to me growing up with a father who owned multiple real estate companies in several locations of New York. Real estate transactions were always going on in the office and at home. My father was always doing real estate deals. I remember him saying he was in a joint venture on certain deals, syndicates on other deals. I had no idea what he was talking about then being in high school and more interested in friends and school.

My father owned a mountain in New York – he was from Texas and they do things big there. Real estate was always part of our family life. When Jim and I got married, my father offered us money or land (a portion of the mountain) to build a second home on. We took the land.

“Do you mean to tell me, Katie Scarlett O’Hara, that Tara, that land doesn’t mean anything to you? Why, land is the only thing in the world worth workin’ for, worth fightin’ for, worth dyin’ for, because it’s the only thing that lasts.” – Gone with the Wind.