NH Real Estate License Classes for Salespersons and Brokers!


Have you been thinking about a career in the exciting field of real estate? The state of New Hampshire requires 40 hours of approved classes. Our classes are designed to prepare you to take the New Hampshire Real Estate exam! No prior real estate experience necessary.

Barry School of Real Estate offers the most flexible class schedule in New Hampshire!
5 Days or 4 Months to finish course. We offer two options to complete your classes:

We specialilze in: Flipping properties, Acquisitions,  Real Estate Development. We are US Government Educators.

We are Government Certified Instructors and NHREC Certified Instructors.

Jim Barry, the Master Edutainer. Professor at many Universities including VT, MA and NH. The real estate Guru. Jim managed 55,000 properties in 48 states of the US at one time. Traveling by plane every week to several states to handle the multiple properties ranging from shopping centers, parks, apartment complexes, shopping centers, office buildings. You will get so much more than you expect. It’s so worth the price of admission!

Licensed in NH, MA and SC

Prepare for your New Hampshire Real Estate Salesperson’s License! Barry School of Real Estate offers the most flexible class schedule in New Hampshire!

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Complete course for just $329.00! (includes Course Book.) Optional materials may be purchased. Thousands of students have gone through our program! 

  • Take 10 classes (1-10);
  • In ANY order (START in any order);
  • At ANY location (START at any location);
  • At ANY time (START at any time);
  • FINISH IN 5 days! *

* subject to schedule working. Days not continuous. 

There is no recording or videotaping of any type in any of our classes.

Select from morning, afternoon, and evening and weekend classes. The classes are modules so you can zoom through the program. You design your personalized schedule through the class calendar. All modules are mix and match. Start any class, at any time, and at any location you select. You are the boss!

Classes are held throughout NH:



“I researched several courses available to get my salesperson license. I chose Barry School of Real Estate because of the flexibility in taking the classes at different locations, dates and times. You can do the classes as fast or slow as your schedule allows. The hidden benefit is that Sue and Jim are very knowledgeable and really care about their students. You will also hear some really great stories along the way!! I highly recommend the Barry School of Real Estate.”

Larry W. retired President of Shaw’s Supermarkets

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